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BG1 NPC Projecy

Сокращённое название: BG1 NPC

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Автор: Множество

E-mail автора: Неизвестен

Сайт мода:

Где скачать:

Примерный объём файла: 5.80 МБ

Последняя версия: v16

Для игры: BGT, TuTu

Русификация: Ведётся работа

This mod expands on the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the BG game. When BG2 was released, one of the major improvements in many peoples' eyes was the increased level of interaction one could have with the party members. This mod was developed to allow BG players a similar experience. NPCs in your party now have banters with the PC, with each other, and small side-quests of their own.

Final wrapup of content for the BG1 NPC Project took over a year of work and testing by members from all over the IE Community. This wrapup phase incorporated new quests, recoded the project to install natively on both Tutu and BGT, and provided an expanded set of tweaks to add to the experience of BG using the BG2 engine.