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    6.2     [BZGLAA]  Abazigal


    - DRACONIS (AR 6000)

      Prepare for a battle.  Summon anything you want, protection spells, the
      works.  I'd also go with a True Sight spell, in case a certain enemy
      casts Invisibility... repeatedly.  You'll be fighting a mage/dragon if
      that helps.  You want enough Summoned creatures to overwhelm someone
      very quickly... (I had a Planetar, an Elemental Prince and 2 Mordenkainen

      Walk forward to find Draconis.  He does not seem terribly happy to see
      you.  He will taunt you for a bit, then attacks.  He is a mage of fairly
      high level, so expect Time Stops and all manner of Protections.  When he
      cast Protection from Magic weapons, I simply switched over to the
      non-Magic weapons I got for dealing with Magical Golems, and that worked
      just fine.  When he goes invisible, hit him with a Remove Magic.

        Draconis  190 HP  -5 AC  4 THAC0  3 Attacks

      When his human form is defeated, he tells you that it isn't so easy to
      kill him and becomes a Dragon.

        Dragon Draconis  190 HP  -10 AC  -4 THAC0  3 Attacks
                         61,000 experience
                         Draconis's Head (used to open the door)
                         Tzu Zan's Bracers (+1 AC, +15 HP)

      His Dragon form is quite a bit tougher.  First he becomes Invisible at
      the drop of a hat, making it impossible to dispel his weapon's
      protections without first getting rid of the Invisibility (hence the
      True Sight earlier).  He knocks your guys unconscious a LOT, which
      complicates matters.  He'll even summon Invisible Stalkers to help out.
      I cast a Time Stop to get rid of his spell protections (Remove Magic,
      Khelben's Warding Whip, Breach, etc.), then just hit him a lot with
      fighters.  Whenever my guys got low on HP I used Potions of Superior

      My summoned monsters didn't last long against the dragon, but they'd
      gotten rid of his human form so quickly that it helped a lot.

      With Draconis dead, you can now enter the Enclave.  (You need his Head
      to enter)

    - ENCLAVE (AR 6001)

      There's a trap right near the entrance here.

      When you enter, Ekim Cyre yells out for help, then locks down the
      Enclave.  He is in a bit of a panic that Draconis is dead.  Then he will
      attack.  Did I mention that he is a Werewyvern?

        Ekim Cyre - 15,000 experience
                    Empty Breath Potion Flask (take it)
                    Stone to Flesh scroll

      You'll notice several pools around, only two of these can be used at the
      moment, the other two require that you fill the Empty Breath Potion
      Flask.  Go to the far left pool and click it twice to dive into it.
      (x 290 y 600)

      (AR 6008)

      This little area is crawling in Frost Salamanders.  Once they're dead,
      go down and through the door.

      (AR 6012)

      This little library is home to a couple of Bone Fiends.  They need some
      re-education on the true nature of bones! (ie dead and buried)  There
      are 3 containers in here, the dresser, the table and the TRAPPED
      bookcase.  They contain mostly minor treasures (but another Stone to
      Flesh scroll).

      Click the pool here to fill it with ... well Breath.  It becomes a
      Breath Potion.  Go back to the previous area.

        Note:  You never need to drink this potion, merely having it is enough.

      (AR 6008)

      Click on the pool here to get back to the beginning.

      (AR 6001)

      Go over to the far right pool (x 950 y 750) and dive into it.

      (AR 6002)

      This is a prison level, of sorts, and its guards are Kuo-Toas.  Kill them
      all.  Go left, kill them there, then go up and kill them there too.  To
      the left are some Water Elementals (and an Olhydra, which must be their
      leader, it's worth 27,000 experience).  Go over to the right.

      Kill the guard, then lockpick (or bash, or Knock) the jaildoor to talk to
      the Monk inside.  He was sent here on a secret mission for Balthazar.
      He is close to death, so he wants to help you with what he has:

        Rope (yay)

      Also, he tells you about a Dragon that guards Abazigal.  This dragon is
      being compelled to serve Abazigal.  Therefore you must find the Scroll
      that will release her from her service.  He won't reveal what his secret
      mission was... sounds suspicious.

      Be sure to search him later for:

        Hindo's Hand (Upgradeable by Cespenar)

      Go left then back down.  There will be a new door opened here (x 630
      y 820) that takes you back to the beginning.  Take it.

      (AR 6001)

      Take the top middle pool this time (x 570 y 640)

      (AR 6003)

      You're going to have to fight through a LOT of "eyes."  They're fairly
      annoying, but not terribly deadly.  Go left, then up to find Lycanth the
      Mad. (x 530 y 700) Ask him about the Scroll of Reversal, then explain to
      him what it is and what it does.  He does, in fact, have such an item,
      but he wants you to work for it.  Seems that he has taken a fancy to the
      eyestalk of a Gauth Beholder and wants you to go get it for him. (you
      could just kill the mage for the Scroll, but that's no fun)  Agree to
      this.  Tell him that this is a bit beneath you and he suggests
      subcontracting this out to the three petrified adventurers.

      Since the secret wall to his lab is barred, you'll need to find another
      way in.  Use the nearby pool (x 460 y 800) to enter the lab.  Search
      the Right Table for:

        Juggernaut Golem Page (Cespenar can upgrade)
        Stone to Flesh scroll

      Go down and open the "secret" wall.  Use the Stone to Flesh scrolls
      (that you've been getting throughout this dungeon) to bring the
      "adventurers" back to life.  Next you must convince them to take up the
      quest to get the Eyestalk.  This isn't terribly difficult, just convince
      them that this is to Save the World and they'll even do it for free....

      They'll return several days later and a very amusing cutscene unfolds.
      ("Bondari reloads" refers, of course, to the habit of players to try
      doing something stupid, then reloading and doing the smart thing... The
      designers seem to be having fun with the gaming public)  They'll give
      you the Eyestalk and...

        Bronze Pantalettes (yay!)

      Go up to the Mad Mage and give him the Eyestalk to get the Scroll of
      Reversal.  This gets you 30,000 quest experience.

        Note:  Clicking on the Eggs releases several Eye monsters.

      Head down, and just below where the adventurers were, take that pool
      (x 670 y 1170).

      (AR 6004)

      Head over to the left to find the Dragon.  It asks for you to free it
      with your Reversal Scroll.  In exchange, it will give you the Wardstone
      which will allow you to pass.  This gets you 10,000 quest experience.

        Alternatively:  You could attack the Dragon.

                        Fll'Yissetat  280 HP  -8 AC  -6 THAC0  5 attacks
                                      60,000 experience
                                      Ring of Improved Invisibility
                                      Abazigal's Wardstone

                        Or you could free it, THEN kill it.  (Amusingly, one
                        hit with the Ravager Halberd and it died to a 10%
                        vorpal effect)

      When you're ready, go further left and enter Abazigal's Lair.

    - ABAZIGAL (AR 6005)

      Before moving forward, prepare for a big battle against a Dragon.
      Summon.  Protective Magic.  You know the drill.

      You'll have to battle your way through some Frost Salamanders before you
      get to the Dragon.  You'll find Abazigal in the center of this area,
      looking a little blue around the gills.  Again, like his son Draconis,
      when you defeat his human form, his Dragon form emerges.

      You MUST defeat his dragon form quickly and efficiently as he can Heal
      himself fully.  Not sure why, but I found him easier than Draconis
      outside.  Again I had the Planetar, 2 Mordenkain Swords and an Elemental
      Prince (who didn't get blown away by the Dragon wing flap).  And again
      I used time stop to remove any protections (then I just attacked him
      while time was stopped... hey free damage).

        Abazigal  290 HP  -12 AC  -8 THAC0  3 Attacks
                  Gram the Sword of Grief +5 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                  Flail Head (Electric, Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                  Blue Dragon Scales (Upgradeable by Cespenar)

      When he dies, he tells you that your victory will be short lived...
      Defeating him is worth 40,000 quest experience.

      When you have defeated both Sendai and Abazigal then you get to see the
      cutscene of Balthazar betraying Melissan and ordering her death. (this is
      worth 4000 quest experience)

      Next, it cuts away to another Solar dream.  She tells you that you near
      the end of your journey.  The following responses are GOOD:

        Really Good:  "I only hope I will be able to hold onto what is good and
        Pretty Good:  "Then any help you could provide would be appreciated."

      She then tells you that the 5 most powerful Bhaalspawn gathered together
      to form the Five.  They plotted the Doom of their lesser siblings.  She
      then summons forth Yaga Shura to explain this to you.  He tells you that
      they plotted to rule the world and resurrect their father, Bhaal.  Time
      for you to respond with what you think:

        Good:  "It means that their plan is defeated...Bhaal will remain where
               he is: dead!"

      He tells you that you have missed the most powerful of the five:

        Good:  "I'll just have to stop Balthazar and Bhaal, too, if it comes to
        Really Good:  "If I can kill Balthazar before he raises Bhaal, I'd
               prefer not to deal with my so-called 'father' at all."

      When this is done you get 10,000 quest experience.

      Leave via the big blue portal to the left.  As you reach the outside,
      Elminster appears.  He tells you that you have grown so powerful, even
      he wouldn't take you on.  Sweet.  Anyway he also will advise you on who
      to go see to get into Balthazar's lair.  You are to find and talk to
      Saemon Havarian again. (Or if you killed him, Zakfee Rafeya)

      Head back to your Pocket Dimension.

    - CHALLENGE FOUR (AR 4500)

      Head over to the right to take the 4th challenge (x 2700 y 1700).  Here
      you meet up with Cyric, who teleports your party away.  He asks you if
      you recognize who he is, and depending on your WISDOM, you will recognize
      him as the current God of Murder (13 WIS min).  He explains the situation
      as it stands among the godhood, and how he is gauging your threat to
      his station.  He finishes by deciding to test you with some goons
      fighting you.

      Each of his "Favored" is worth 25,000 experience.

      Once the challenge is completed, you get 30,000 quest experience while
      your party each gets 25,000 quest experience.

      Leave the Pocket dimension and go back to Amkethran.