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  6.        [MKTHRN]  Amkethran


    - OASIS (AR 6300)

      Note:  If your party is completely invisible, you can skip this fight.

      Hope you're ready for a battle, because you're getting one really quick.
      The Tethyrians here have apparently decided that you are guilty of
      destroying Saradush and must be killed.  This army consists of many
      pikemen, archers, battlemages and good clerics.

      Search the general's body after the battle:

        The Answerer +4 (slow, but powerful long sword)
        Long Sword +3
        Full Plate +2
        Note from Tethyr's Monarch

      The other troops have various minor treasures (like a Composite Long
      Bow +3).  There are also 3 containers here with minor treasures (and you
      can see the bounty notice they put out on you!). (x 1580 y 350) has the
      best treasure.

      Go across to the other side of the Oasis, and out.

    - AMKETHRAN (AR 5500)

      Walk up the path, and you will get an immediate audience with Balthazar
      the head of the city.  He'll give you directions to several new areas
      (where you might find some Bhaalspawn) then leaves you alone.  There is
      no sign of Melissan.

      Beyond the subquests here, nothing to see at the moment.  Pick one of
      the 2 new areas to go to, and go there.


    QUEST:  The Mayor's Daughter

            Asana - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2340 y 1256)

            A short time after you arrive, the Mayor's Daughter will have her
            life threatened by some mercenaries.  The Mayor asks you to help
            out in this matter.  Agree to help out.  Talk to one of the
            mercenaries.  You can, if you want, offer to repay what she stole,
            however, the merc's want far more than she actually took, 5000
            gold.  With a Charisma over 16 your can convince them to take 3000.
            Of course, you could just fight them.

            Once she's safe, talk to the mayor again to get your reward:

              Montolio's Cloak (upgradeable by Cespenar)
              500 gold
              Reputation +1
              5000 quest experience

    QUEST:  Saemon Havarian ... again

            Saemon - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2600 y 1916)

            The local mercenaries are quite upset at Saemon for stealing their
            items and selling them on the black market.  When you get near,
            Saemon manages to get them to believe that you somehow have their
            items, such that they attack you.  Well, at least you know Saemon
            hasn't changed any.

            Head over to the Smuggler's Cave and enter.  There you will find
            the Monks busting up the Smuggling operation.  They spot you and
            tell you to beat it.  Time to take out the trash.  Fight them.

              Monks - 10,000 exp each

            In the back of this cave are 4 chests, 2 of which are trapped.
            They have minor treasures.

            Within a day, the smugglers will be gone.

            Special Items from the Smugglers: [from Dave Loveland]

              Once the monks are dead, Carras will come up and talk to you.
              Select dialogue options 2,1,2 to get into the buy screen.  You
              will be able to purchase Enkidu's Full Plate, Gargoyle Boots, and
              K'logarath (throwing axe).   If you leave the buy screen those
              items will disappear, you will not be able to buy them if you
              talk to Carras again.  Also, if you don't follow the dialogue
              into the buy screen when he first comes up and talks to you,
              those items will not be available.  The smugglers will disappear
              if you leave the cave and come back in.

              This is also the best place in the game to generate gold.  The
              first time that you go into the buy screen they will pay you much
              more than normal for items (4800 for a full plate mail instead of
              1500, etc.).

            Getting Extra Equipment and Money from the Smugglers:
            [from Nathaniel Ragatz]

              When you go into the smuggler's cave tell the monks you will let
              them arrest the smugglers (the smugglers weren't going to be in
              town long, I didn't seem to get a discount when I protected them,
              and their leader, Carras, detects as evil anyway).  Then quickly
              talk to the smuggler leader to make purchases before he is taken
              away.  The smugglers will pay more for rare magical items they
              don't have as well as gems then they will charge you to buy them
              back-thus you have an unlimited money supply here.  Use it to buy
              any good stuff the smugglers have, including the +4 K'logarath
              Axe, Enkidu's Full Plate +3, and the Gargoyle Boots.

              When you are done buying up the best of the smuggler's stock stop
              shopping and attack Carras.  He isn't worth much exp (only 500)
              but drops free copies of the +4 K'logarath Axe, Enkidu's Full
              Plate +3, and the Gargoyle Boots when he dies.  This is the only
              way that you can get 2 of each of these items without cheating.
              If you stop the monks when they want to arrest Carras and
              then kill him he doesn't drop these items.  The other smugglers
              in the cave turn hostile but you don't loose any reputation for
              killing them, Carras, or the other smugglers around town and the
              monks don't stop you.  The smugglers usually minor magical items
              like +2 leather and +1 long swords.

    QUEST:  The Cleric of Waukeen and the Monk

            Cleric - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2974 y 2417)

            Near the temple, a Cleric will argue with a Monk.  He wants the
            monks to care for the town again, and the monk points out that
            Balthazar cares nothing for these people.  A fight ensues.  Kill
            the monk.  A mage will teleport in to chide you about this, but
            they don't seem to care too much.

            The cleric thanks you.  There is a standard reward here:

              Oaken Ring (Cespenar can upgrade)
              2000 quest experience

            You can also donate 1000 gold to him for a slightly better reward:

              Oaken Ring
              3000 quest experience
              Reputation +1

    QUEST:  Marlowe

            Tavern - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2730 y 1380)
            Marlowe's Home - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 3650 y 430)
            Cave of the Dead - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 1800 y 700)

            When you enter the tavern, the man Marlowe will come up to you and
            ask for help.  He won't talk more of it here, and tells you to meet
            him at his home at the cliff.  To get up there, you must go through
            the house to the right of the tavern, up the ladder, then across
            the roofs.

            Once inside, listen to what Marlowe has to say.  A powerful lich
            by the name of Vongoethe wanted to steal the soul of his daughter,
            so he had to beat a hasty retreat from whence he came.  However,
            this didn't stop the lich who sapped her soul anyway.  The lich is
            in this town's graveyard, which the monks sealed.  He says that
            he'll have a guard let you in.  Agree to his proposal.

            Head out, get back to the main level and head over to the Cave of
            the Dead.  You can talk to the Boy here for some info on the
            situation.  When you're ready talk to the guard and have him open
            up the sealed cave.

            Walk forward and the lich appears.  Talk to him.  He tells you that
            he and Marlowe had a deal, Marlowe would get 20 years of fortune
            and whatnot in exchange for his immortal soul.  When the 20 years
            was up, he refused to give up his soul and fled.  The lich
            eventually tracked him down and swiped his daughter's soul to get
            him to pay up.  At this point you can either fight him, or make
            a deal.  You go bring Marlowe here, and the lich will give up the
            girl's soul.

              Note:  If you fight him before he gives you the soul, the girl
                     WILL die.

            Head back to Marlowe.  You may as well tell him the truth about
            this one, he comes quite willingly.  You and Marlowe are taken back
            to the Lich, and Marlowe gives up the ghost. (so to speak)  You
            are given possession of the girl's soul.  Once you have her soul,
            you can become as hostile as you wanna-be with the lich.

              Vongoethe - 25,000 experience

            If you fought the battle, you can give Marlowe the soul for 15,000
            quest experience and a Reputation +1.  Or you can keep it yourself
            for a reputation -2 and 6000 quest experience.

              Note:  When I tried protecting Marlowe from the Lich one of its
                     spells killed him anyway.  So I took the daughter's
                     soulstone back to her and gave her 5000 gold to help her
                     as she started out in life.  My party received 10000 quest
                     experience for everyone and +1 reputation for doing this.
                     If you give her less than 5000 gold you don't get the rep
                     +1. [from Nathaniel Ragatz]

    OTHER:  The Complete Pantaloons

            Smithy - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 3070 y 860)

              Note:  To enter the smithy, you must go through the house to the
                     right of the tavern, up the ladder, then over.

            You may have noticed the various metallic pantaloons in the
            Baldur's Gate games, well they finally have some payoff.  Take all
            3 pairs (the Golden, Silver and Bronze pantaloons) over to the
            smithy here and talk to Kerrick.  He'll use these to construct one
            of the most interesting Easter Eggs in the game.

            Here's where you get the items:  Bronze Pantalettes are in
            Abazigal's Lair, you must send the Petrified Adventurers out to
            retrieve the Eyestalk.  Silver Pantaloons are a reward for the
            Buried Alive quest back in the Graveyard (hope you got them) and
            the Gold Pantaloons were in the Friendly Arm Inn back in the
            original Baldur's Gate.  (which means you would have had to import
            a party that carried the pantaloons)

            Having trouble finding the Pantaloons?  Here are the three item
            codes for them:

              misc47  misc5o  misccb

            When he's done making the item, you get:

              Big Metal Rod (gun)
              Pulse Ammunition
              Frag Grenade
              Scorcher Ammunition
              Big Metal Unit

            The BMU is usable by anyone, and gives an astonishing series of
            bonuses, not the least of which is the fact that you suddenly look
            like an Adamantite Golem.  As such, there are many places that you
            can't walk in it because it is simply too large to fit.

              Note:  Once Kerrick finishes this, he leaves town forever.

    OTHER:  Archery Practice

            Near the lower part of the area, archers are taking some needed
            target practice... on monsters that are continually summoned up
            just to be killed.  Talk to the captain and get into a fight.  The
            only thing of importance you get out of this is the:

              Darkfire Bow +4 (Cespenar can upgrade)

            With thanks to Dave Loveland.