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На текущей момент все, кроме квеста «Возвращение Кожедёра» (Return of the Tanner), заменено актуальной русскоязычной информацией. Оставляю здесь английский текст на тот случай, если я что-нибудь упустил. — mirror 22:44, 7 января 2011 (UTC)

Исходный английский текст статьи[править]

           Duncan Clay has a battle tip for dealing with Faldorn:
             Before you fight Faldorn, stand your party next to the pit.  Get
             your druid (I used Jaheira) to give their stuff to someone in
             your group.  When your druid enters the pit, pause the game and
             equip all their stuff.  Interestingly, although you are in combat
             (can't save) you can equip your armor.  Jaheira had AC-11 and the
             Gnasher club and won easily without casting a single spell.  I
             didn't even see a panther.
           Head back to Trademeet. (the easiest way out of the Grove is to go
           left after you leave the temple)  Talk to the Mayor to get your
             2000 gold
             18,000 experience for each character
           He will also ask that you help them out with their Genie problem.
   QUEST:  Evil Method of Druid Removal                         (from Dominic)
           The first thing I did when I entered Trademeet was talk to
           Guildmistress Busya. She is in the Mayor's house. Then I talked to
           the Mayor, he asked me to talk to Cernd. I didn't take Cernd into 
           my party, instead we agreed on meeting each other in the druid 
           Anyway, a halfling (Lord Khellon Menold) walks up to me and 
           initiates a dialog. This is the guy who gives you the poison. He 
           asks if I'm the mercenary hired to save them, and whether or not 
           I'm capable of defeating the druids.  Unless I tell him to get out 
           of my way he will answer that he is to become the next High
           Merchant. I ask him about Logan knowing about his position, he asks
           me what Logan wanted me to do. I tell him about Cernd and our
           investigation. After that, he will show his dislike for nature and
           druids and whatnot. Then, he proposes an alternate quest.
             "Allow me to present a bit of background to you. It will help you
             understand the trials ahead and what you must do."
             "This is not the first problem we've had with these freaks, these
             tree-huggers. Far from it. Last year, my company was to open a
             caravan route through the forest."
           He tells you about how he attacked a druid (who was defending the
           forest), and killed some other druids. Jaheira wants you to ignore
           him.  The druids went to Trademeet and blamed Lord Khellon Menold
           for instigation and murder. He wants his revenge by poisoning the
           grove. At this point he will give you the poison should you choose
           to accept his task.
           Meet him again outside the tavern after you accomplished the task.
           Meet Cernd in the grove and tell him Jaheira will take up the
           The party gets 24500 exp. for pouring the poison in the font (could
           be some more or some less). Doing so will make all the druids
           complain and attack you. The Guardian of the Font (4000 exp.) will
           call Faldorn (I didn't get exp. for her... strange?) and they both
           attack you.
           When Faldorn is dead, Master Verthan (2000 exp.) warps in and wants
           you dead. He summons some creatures: 2 grizzly bears and 2
           panthers. Kill them. You won't get the Staff of Lightning this way.
           None of the druids have any treasure (well, not exactly true... one
           of them had a Charm Person Scroll).
           When you get out, Cernd will have nothing to say to you. As in, you
           can't initiate a dialog with him. Weird.
           Back in Trademeet Lord Khellon Menold rewards you with 1000 gold
           and a Shield of Harmony +2. At this point you'll probably get some
           exp., but I don't know how much. The Guildmistress thanks you, but
           Logan is quite angry with you (reputation decreased 1). I haven't
           found a way to calm him down. Which means that you won't be heroes
           of Trademeet and you don't get the family feud quest.
           Some other information:
           At the beginning of the quest I had an evil party with reputation
           12. It consisted of Jaheira (leader, lvl 10/12), Korgan (lvl 12),
           Yoshimo (lvl 16), me (kensai mage, lvl 12/11), Viconia (lvl 12) and
           Edwin (lvl 12). (again, this Quest was from Dominic)
   QUEST:  The Genie Embargo
           Genie Tent - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3500 y 2900)
           Rakshasa House - Druid Grove (AR 1900, x 4400 y 900)
           If you talk around everyone will be talking of one of two things,
           the animals assaulting the town, or the genies preventing the
           normal flow of trade.  Near the eastern entrance to town is a blue
           tent that holds these genies.  Go in and talk to them.
             Tip:  Pickpocket the genie outside of the tent to get a Bottle of
                   Efreeti Summoning (Ken Adams).
           Talk to the Khan about what they are doing there and he'll reveal
           that they are there hunting a Rakshasa and until they do they are
           holding the city's trade hostage.  Agree to bring him the head of
           the Rakshasa in exchange for letting the city go (and some treasure
           to boot).  You can also buy items from him. (of course, until you
           solve this they are the only people you can buy from)
           After you talk to Khan Zahraa, if you go outside Trademeet's 
           Northeast Gate (near the City Crypt), you will meet up with a 
           Shadow Thief who wishes to impart to you information on the 
           Rakshasa location for free (they want business to return to normal
           so that they can have their 'share').  She will disclose some 
           information on the potion seller that suggests that she has been 
           'replaced' by the Rakshasa. (Rolander)
           When you get to the Druid Grove (you have to do the above quest in
           order to get there) follow the path past the Troll Mound, and
           across the bridge to find the Rakshasa House.  Enter it.  Talk to
           the woman here and she turns into Ihtafeer and teleports in two
           Rakshasa friends to help out.  (If you have Keldorn -- or Jan -- in 
           your party, he'll detect Ihtafeer's evilness, regardless of whether 
           you accepted this quest)
             Ihtafeer - 15,000 experience
                        Periapt of Proof Against Poison
           Another Rakshasa had a Cleric's Staff.  There are also some magic
           arrows in a chest on the upper level.
           Return with the Head to the Djinn to end the Embargo.  The Khan
           also gives you a Scimitar +2: Rashad's Talon and 10,000 experience.
           Then go to Guildmistriss Busya in the Mayor's house to get a
           further reward:
             7500 Gold
             Gems and Necklaces
             Small Shield +2: Harmony (immune to charm)
           Finally talk to the mayor to get another 2000 gold and become the
           Heroes of Trademeet!
             25,250 experience for each Character
             10,750 Gold
             Reputation +1
           You will also be approached by the two leading houses of Trademeet,
           each of whom want you to do them favors (see The Two Feuding Houses
           below).  Also your likeness now graces the town statue, as you
           are the Heroes of Trademeet. (If Cernd was a Werewolf at the time
           his statue is particularly... lifelike!  Similar things happen if
           other party members are polymorphed.)
   QUEST:  Tiris the Frightened and the Return of the Tanner
           Tiris' Home - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1275 y 900)
           Darsidian Moor - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 80 y 2860)
           Rejiek - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3715 y 2030)
           After you have completed the first two quests, Jenia will approach
           you, the Hero of Trademeet, and ask that you go talk to Tiris.  Go
           up to Tiris' home (the one just to the left of the Smithy) and talk
           to Tiris.  He tells you that he left his love to die (not on
           purpose) and that the evil-doer is Rejiek, who we all know and love
           as the Tanner who flayed peasants alive in Athkatla.  He tells you
           to check by the southwest gate.
           Go out the western gate and go south near the tent to find a
           "hunter" named Darsidian Moor.  He is hunting what he calls a Skin
           Dancer, who may be Rejiek and could use your help.  He tells you
           to follow him eastwards.
           From the main plaza (with the tiled face on the ground) go east
           and you will find Darsidian and "Raissa".  They tell you to finish
           off Rejiek.  Talk to him instead and it turns out that Rejiek and
           Raissa are reversed.  The ruse fails and Darsidian and Rejiek
           attack you. (They steal the skins of people, if you are wondering)
           Kill them.
           The real Raissa then rises up and asks you to help her.  In order
           to prevent her from becoming like Rejiek she needs someone to cast
           Restoration on her. (or Lesser Restoration) If one of your Clerics
           doesn't have that spell go to the Temple and buy the scroll.  Come
           back and cast it on her. She returns to normal and you get 30,000
           experience. If you don't heal her in time, she'll go hostile on
             Infinite Exp Bug:  When you kill the two skin dancers, talk to
               Raissa and she gets up and tells you she is one of the skin
               dancers, and asks you for a restoration spell to "fix" her.
               She doesn't have the money, so she wants you to cast one on
               her. If you don't have one, you can go buy one, and she will
               wait right where you found her.  I took the opportunity
               to surround her, so she couldn't get away.  Then cast the
               spell, and she says thank you and you get 30,000 exp points.
               Pause, and talk to her, and she repeats her "thank you" line
               and you get another 30,000 exp. (wvfoos)
           Return to Tiris' Home and talk to his parents to get a Reputation
           Increase of 1.
           Rolander found a few different ways to handle this quest:
             Not-so-good and bad ending for this quest.  If you kill off the
             disguised Raissa, 'Raissa' would want to return to Tiris herself.
             If you insist on escorting her back, the skin dancers would break
             cover and attack.  Then you return to Tiris to tell him about the
             bad news.  If you let 'Raissa' go off herself, when you return to
             Tiris's home, Tiris would have been conned into leaving with
             'Raissa', for good and his parents fear that he would never be
             seen again.  In both these outcomes, you don't get the Rep+1
   QUEST:  The Two Feuding Houses
           Alibakkar Estate - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1000 y 1280)
           Crypt - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3200 y 550)
           At the little party they throw you for being the Heroes of
           Trademeet, two nobles approach you and ask for your assistance in
           becoming the only noble house in Trademeet.  Go to one of their
           homes afterwards (I went to Alibakkar).  Talk to the noble there
           and they will give you the key to the city crypt.  They want you
           to obtain for them the Mantle of Waukeen, which will prove their
           superiority over the other house.
           Head out to the crypt and go inside.  Before you manage to do that
           the Mayor comes up to you and tells you not to give the Mantle to
           the nobles as it will only make their feud worse.  Enter.  You will
           find the Mantle on one of the Skeletal Warriors within.  Take it.
           Now you have two options as to what to do.  Give the Mantle to the
           Mayor is the non-violent solution. (Reputation +1, 8000 experience,
           and 250 gold)  Or there is the violent solution.  Give one of the
           nobles the Mantle, and they soon attack each other and YOU.  Then
           you must fight the nobles and their guards.  The Lord has a set
           of Elven Chainmail (AC 5).
           Of course, you could give the Mantle to the Mayor, then go kill the
           Lord anyway with no loss of reputation.
   QUEST:  Mazzy's Family's Quest
           Mazzy's Home - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 2740 y 1000)
           Some time after you have Mazzy in your party (this is Real time,
           not game time), Danno will approach her and ask for help.  Seems
           that he gave his girlfriend, Mazzy's sister, a Love potion that
           went awry and her life now hangs in the balance.  Return to
           Trademeet and enter the Fentan home.
           Pala, her sister, is on her death bed having been poisoned by
           Wallace, the gnome who sold the potion in the first place.  Now we
           must go out and find that gnome.  You will find the gnome in the
           marketplace in the southern part of town. When you approach, Mazzy
           automatically talks to him. (6750 experience)  He tells you that
           the potion came from a new Cleric of Waukeen.  Go to the temple.
           Talk to the priest here and tell him what you know of the other
           cleric, Barl.  He agrees to search his room.  He comes back and
           says that he found some evidence of wrongdoing.  Barl is summoned
           forth and very soon you are in a battle with him and some Poison
           Mists.  When he is dead, Mazzy finds a bottle (25,000 exp) that may
           be an antidote.
           You are automatically taken to Mazzy's home again, where the potion
           is used and Pala is cured.  Mazzy asks to stay with her for a day.
   OTHER:  Your Fortune
           Fortune-teller - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1060 y 3030)
           There is a group of gypsies (not called gypsies, but that is what
           they are) outside the town.  The woman there will tell you your
           fortune, but she doesn't seem to like what she sees.
           Also you can have other party members talk to her and she will
           tell their fortunes as well. (Max Chen)
   OTHER:  Neeber
           Neeber - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 2433 y 1240)
           Talk to Neeber about 15 times and he'll give you some Bullets +2.
           And everyone also gets 1000 experience.