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Human dual class fighter/cleric. He has exceptional strength and constitution, making him suitable to frontline, especially for the early part of the game. He is primarily cleric though, and will reach level 21 cleric at the experience cap of 2.95 million. IMHO, he is one of the best NPC in the game. His fighter class gives him 2 attacks per round, lots of HP and better THAC0. His turn undead blasts undeads into pieces, including vampires and liches (at high enough level). Since wisdom only gives extra low level spells (there is no limit to casting level 6 and 7 spells), he is a good cleric even with his initial wisdom of 12. Most of the complains about him centres on his personality. He is a bit arrogant and too righteous for some people's tastes.

When you first met him in the Copper Coronet, he was trying to prove himself worthwile to become a full knight of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. He was a bit emotional before his knight test, but after the test, he became very sweet.


Very easy. The correct repsonses are very obvious. Just remember not to be rude to him.


Some time after he joined your party (after LD6, see step by step walkthrough below), a messager would come to inform Anomen of his sister's death. To make him a knight later, persuade him to follow the law; to make him fail, kill Saerk to avenge his sister. This makes a difference to Anomen's skills. If he becomes a knight, he will gain four points of wisdom and have his alignment change to Lawful Good (LG). If he fails, his alignment will be changed to Chaotic Neutral (CN).

Some time after this (after LD12), Anomen would tell you that he felt it was time to take the test. Go to the Order of the Most Radiant Heart with him.

After the test, the romance took two separate paths depanding on whether Anomen passes the knight test.

Some time after the knight test, another messager would come. The content of the message depended on his alignment. If he was a knight, the magistrate had found evidence that Saerk indeed was involved with the murder of Moira. Otherwise, Moira had been killed by a pair of thugs. No matter what you said, you could not stop Anomen from leaving the party. Follow him immediately to either Saerk's house in the Bridge District (LG) or Delryn Estate in the Government district (CN) depending on his alignment.

Make a save before you enter Saerk's house or Delryn Estate. This is the only difficult part of the romance. The right response is not obvious and if you say anything wrong, Anomen will leave the game forever. Basically persuade him not to kill Saerk(LG) or his father(CN). Tell him that you love him and the love you two have will strengthen him.


(I played the game twice with both the LG and CN Anomen. I only started making notes the second time round with the CN one. Therefore the following walkthrough only shows the CN path. However, the two paths are identical until quite late in the romance and the Saerk/Cor Delryn revenge choices are mostly the same even though they are directed to two different people.)

LD1: 'Prithee, my lady...it fills me with no small amount of wonder that you have not asked me of my journey ere we met?

    Choose option 3
    'There is precious little to tell, although my few adventures
    have been glorious, indeed.
    Choose option 1
    'Aye, it has been a stuggle to prove my worth to the order.
    Choose option 3
    'Hmph. I find it hard to believe that one woman alone could have
    performed such deeds
    Choose option 2
    'Well, of course you had fellow companion who aided you then as

LD2: (If you have Keldorn in your party, he will join in this conversation.)

    'How much do you know of my Order of the Most Radiant Heart?'
    Choose option 1 or 2
    'You have heard of it? That is good.
    Keldorn '(Sigh) Once again, Anomen, you follow pride rather than
    your head.
    'I have long since passed the time when I needed a knight of the
    Order to answer my every thought, Sir Keldorn.
   Choose option 1
   'Hmph. You're entitled to your opinion, my lady, but I think there
   is more that can be done to fight chaos than simply combatting the
   most obvious evils with a sword.'
   Keldorn 'The Order has its place, Anomen...and government is not
   'Perhaps, Sir Keldorn. I shall ponder your words, but I still
   believe the flaw exists in those who do not think of new ways to
   combat chaos.'

LD3: 'I understand that Gorion was very much like a father to you.

    Choose option 1
    'Ah, I see. I must admit, my lady, that I am rather jealous of
    Choose option 3
    'I think you might have at that.

LD4: 'I...I wish to apologise for so abruptly ending our conversation yesterday.

    Choose option 1
    'I am glad to hear of it, I...I think of my sister, sometimes,
    alone in the manor with my father.
    Choose option 1
    'The Order does not pay well, my lady.
    Choose option 1
    'That is good. It is a terrible thing then, that she has been
    taken away.

LD5: 'Have I told you how I became a priest?'

    Choose option 1
    'As I've said before, I approached the Order without the benefit
    of my father's sponsorship.
    Choose option 1
    'Hmph! It is that easy, is it?

LD6: 'My lady...I feel most terrible about my burst of temper the previous day.

    Choose option 1
    'I am most thankful, (char name).
    Choose option 1
    'I am glad that you are so kind to me.

LD7: A message from Lord Cor Delryn, Anomen's father, arrived. Anomen's sister, Moira, was murdered. Take Anomen to his family home, Delryn Estate, in the Government District. To make him a knight later, persuade him to follow the law; to make him fail, kill Saerk to avenge his sister.

LD8: 'My lady? Might I bend your ear for a moment?'

    Choose option 1
    'I have been thinking much on my Test, as of late.
    Choose option 3
    'Because I do not know my own conscience, my lady.

LD9: 'I have come to understand a few things of your past, and I have a question, if I might be permitted to pose it...'

    Choose option 1
    'I have been told a few things of your travels in the north and
    in Baldur's Gate in particular.
    Choose option 1
    'You...speak so carefully, my lady, because you have been accused
    of some manner of relation with the dead god of murder, Yes?
    Choose option 2
    'But you have not always succeeded, Yes?

LD10: 'My lady, I have been pondering your situation for some time...this mater of your peculiar heritage...and I find myself filled with admiration and wonder for you, truly.'

     Choose option 2
     'Yes..always a struggle.

LD11: 'I...I am truly sorry, my lady.

     Choose option 1
     'You must think me very odd to speak about my feelings and urges
     in such plain way, but in the Order it is paramount to control
     these things.
     Choose option 2: You should not worry about these things so
     much. (Choose another option if you have persuaded Anomen not to
     kill Saerk.).
     (His response is dependant on the option you picked before.)
     'Mmm. Your view of the Order's tenets are obvious.

LD12: 'My Test is coming very soon, my lady. I will need to go to the headquarters of the Order and speak to Ryan Trawl.

     Choose option 2
     'I...have been thinking on what we have spoken of.
     Choose option 1
     'I hope that you are right, my lady.
     **Take Anomen to the Order of Radiant Heart for his test now.

LD13: The knight test. The outcome of the test depends on your choice of whether to avenge Moira's death earlier.

10:55, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)Alina (обсуждение) NOTE: From this point on, the romance is split into two separate paths. Only the CN path is shown here. 10:55, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)Alina (обсуждение)

LD14: 'I have been thinking about Sir Ryan Trawl and the Order and I have decided I am well rid of them! I cannot believe I wasted so much of my life on such ignorant fools!'

     Choose option 2: That's good to see...You could use a little
     freedom, I think
     'Aye, I could at that! Too long has this poor knight frowned and
     growled...I'm enough of it, to tell the truth.
     Choose option 2: Yes, this is much better.
     'Well said and much appreciated by this formerly dour knight, my
     (Anomen is now basically your boyfriend. His ROMANCEACTIVE should	
      be 2 if you check it with either CLUAConsole or ShadowKeeper.)

LD15: 'My lady...I have been watching you most intently these past few hours and I have come to a conclusion about you.

     Choose option 1
     'When I first met you, my lady, I know there was something about
     you that drew me.
     Choose option 1: Ha ha! You may do as you like, good Anomen.
     'Then close your eyes, and I shall do the same...we shall meet
     for a moment as if we were two innocents coming together in the

LD16: (This episode occurs only when your party rests.)

     'While the others retire to their sacks, might I persuade you to
     come with me somewhere away from their ears?
     Choose option 1: Very well, I will go with you.
     'Come aside, then, and let us talk in earnest.
     Choose option 1: You are, Anomen...
     'Glad I am to hear it, my love. Never has a moment been more

LD17: 'Hmmm. I have been thinking. I am still a little bitter at being rejected by the Order...but, in many ways, I have never felt so happy.

     Choose option 3: Hmph. You're happy because we laid together, is
     that it?
     'Ha! That is part of my reasoning, perhaps, but not in the
     manner that your glare suggests.
     Choose option 1: I agree...we are meant to be together.
     'Well, I am pleased to hear you say that, my lady.

LD18: (This episode occurs only when your party rests.)

     'We are to rest, now, are we? That is good.
     Choose option 1: I will accept it gladly, Anomen.
     'Most wondorous occasion! I will shout my love to the heavens

LD19: Terl delivers a letter from Lord Cor.

     Letter 'The authorities have found Moira's murderers...a pair of
     disgruntled workers who were once under my employ...
     'I...I lost everything I wored towards to perform my duty for my
     family at his insistence...and he disowns me! He disowns me!!'
     Choose option 2: Forget him, Anomen.  he's not worth your anger.
     'Not...not worth my anger...
     Choose option 2: Anomen, I did not mean for this to happen!
     'Aye, but it is happening anyway.
     **Anomen leaves the party. Go to the Delryn Estate in the
       Government District.

LD20: At the Delryn Estate

     (Make a save before you enter. If you say the wrong thing here,
     Anomen will disappear from the game forever.)
     'This is the end, Father. Your thoughtless cruelty destroyed
     Mother...it destroyed Moira...and it destroyed me.
     Cor Delryn 'I am no priest, my former son...you'll not see me
     bow before any altars!
     'You'll atone, father, whether you like it or not.
     Cor Delryn 'You...You would kill me?! Bah! You're too weak to go
     through with such an act!
     'It is not act. Prepare yourself, for I...what?! (char name)?
     What are you doing here?!
     Choose option 1: I came to stop you, Anomen
     'Why not, my love?! Tell me why he should not die!
     Choose option 1: He is not responsible for what happened to you
     Anomen. And you know it. (I've tried all the other options, this
     is the only one that stop Anomen killing his father.)
     'Aye...aye, you speak the right of it.
     Choose option 2: Because you will be stronger, then...because we
     will be together.
     'Together. Together, yes...but do you love me, (char name)? Am I
     only your companion, or will I have your strength to draw on?
     Choose option 1: I do love you, Anomen.
     'Then...then that is enough for me.
     Cor Delryn 'Bah! I always knew you were too much of a pansy to
     go through with it! I was right to disown you as I did...
     'I could have been more, father, had you cared. I...I always
     loved you. And I still do.'
     Cor Delryn 'You...?'
     'Aye. And still I do. We are so much alike, you and I. More than
     you will ever know.  We...could have been so much more.
     Cor Delryn '...aye...perhaps...
     'I am sorry, my love, for all of this disturbance