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Эльф-авариэль (у нее были крылья, но их пришлось ампутировать из-за гангрены, развившейся оттого, что ее все время держали в клетке)

Она мультикласс клерик/маг, что делает ее полезным союзником, хотя из-за не слишком высокого интеллекта (16) она не может учить и запоминать заклинания 9 уровня.

С точки зрения мужчины, Аэри, возможно, наименее предпочтительный вариант из трех возможных. (мнение Дэна Симпсона). Да, конечно, у нее приятный голосок и вообще она очень приятная девочка (с законно-добрым мировоззрением), она всегда пытается спасти тех, кого вы хотите убить (вроде вора Эмбарла или свирфнеблинов). Но она очень уж много ноет, в чем вы убедитесь сами, если начнете с ней роман.


Определенно, роман с ней не представляет сложностей. Она - выбор для начинающего, а точнее, для подмастерья в любовном мастерстве.


Моя партия состояла из Минска, Йошимо, меня, Аэри, Эдвина и Джахейры. У меня не было других потенциальных любовных интересов в партии, и я предлагаю вам делать так же, потому как, когда вы начинаете любовный квест, могут появляться некоторые весьма неожиданные диалоги.


As with all love quests I believe that the main character's alignment and certainly the reputation score has some influence on the outcome and the reaction of the NPCs. Thus when courting Aerie I would suggest having a high reputation so that she is happy with your party. Moreover, I believe (and this is only a hunch by the way, so if anybody could prove otherwise I would be grateful) is that with Aerie, there are two possible paths you can follow. One of them will result in Aerie asking you to 'sleep' with her in which case you must say NO!! Yes, say NO!!! It is very important that you say no, otherwise she will break the relationship off saying that it has advanced too quickly.

The other path is just pure talking so you just have to find the right answers. This is where the hints come into play! (Yay hay! Straight to the point at last). In choosing the right answers it is imperative that you pick lines, which encourage more conversations with her. You must make her open up to you and in order to do that you will have to ask her questions about herself. When she has problems (she really only has one problem but makes it into such a big problem you sometimes think that she might just commit suicide or something) you will have to be understanding and sensitive. About halfway through into the love dialogues, there will come a moment when she completely loses it totally and just says that she cannot hack it with the party anymore, or words to that effect. Do not be tricked in doing the super sensitive thing by choosing the option that apologizes to her for not being able to take care of her or whatever and send her packing home. She will leave the party and the romance will finish right there. Instead choose the other option to teach her how to meet life with hope even though her wings are lost Another very important thing with Aerie is that during the Ust Natha quests you cannot sleep with Phaere. If you do so then you will lose Aerie for life!!! Instead choose the option that says 'no...I can't. Then when she asks you what you mean by that then say that, 'I can't...*I can't*' When you say this then she will ask you if you are an eunuch. Otherwise known as impotent, then you just say yes. Aerie will be relieved when you step out of Phaere's chambers. I think that's about all the important aspects of Aerie's love quest.


For the sake of making life easier for me I have simplified love dialogues into LD. So all you have to do is follow the sequence from LD 1 to LD whatever. This will take you through the romance!

LD1: 'My wings have been clipped...oh, I wish you could understand how it feels to be bound and chained to the ground, like a miserable prisoner of earth'

Choose option 1

LD2: 'Have...have you ever heard of my people? The Avariel?

Choose option 1

'My memory is dim, but whenever the thought crosses my mind, my eyes still blur with tears'

Choose option 1

LD3: 'He used to say that a frown would never get anything useful done. I think everyone could use some cheering up...what about you (character name)?

Choose option 4

LD4: I...I have been looking at the scars...on my back. The stumps that were...that were once my wings. They do not make me truly homely do they? Am I...am I ugly to you?

You can choose either option 1 or 3. Either will have more or less the same effect.

I've felt like a great part of me has been missing ever since. I am incomplete...I do not feel beautiful, (character name). Not anymore.

Either option 1 or 2 will suffice although I believe 2 to be the better answer.

LD5: 'Have I told you how I was captured and enslaved?

Choose Option 1

'I...I...I suppose...I suppose I was glad to learn that the child escaped after all He ran away after my fall. Hopefully he survived...'

Choose Option 1

LD6: I miss my Uncle Quayle dearly

Choose option 1

'I was happy...of a sort...while I was with him. I owe him so much.'

Choose Option 1

'Baevern brought me my faith back. He gave me peace when I needed it most. And I shall always pay him homage in my heart. Is that so strange (character name)?'

Either option 1 or 2, but I think 1 is better.

LD7: 'Have you traveled much? I have been over much of Amn and Tethyr...with the circus although it was not always the most pleasant way to voyage'

Choose option 1 or 2. I believe 2 is better though.

'And...and I am glad to be traveling with you (character name). You have saved my life and made me feel very welcome.'

Either option 1 or 2 will do but I believe 2 is better here.


Well it is pretty straight forward. There is only one option after all!!

'I...(gasp)...I was having a dream. A most dreadful nightmare! Please...please sit with me but for a short while...I am shaken to the very core...'

Choose option 1!!

(shudder) I screamed and screamed!! They...hacked off...my wings and then used torches to seal my wounds. Oh, (char name)...! (sob!) Oh, (char name) I...I...!

I believe option 2 is the best but 1 will also suffice.

LD9: 'I have been thinking...I shall never fly again, never taste the freedom of my wings. I am sure of it...I...I don't know if I can face this wretched existence on the ground.'

Choose option 1

'But it IS! It is (char name)! How could you understand when you haven't flown in the clouds? To feel weightless and free. Ohhh how I miss it!

There is some debate on what to choose here. 1 and 2 will work but I really don't know which is better. I chose 2 here but in my other games I have chosen 1. Either way, the romance will not finish.

LD10: I...I am sorry for the way I yelled at you. I sometimes feel as if... I have been weighted down by many stones...but I should not have reacted so to your words.

Choose option 1

I...I suppose you are correct. But how can I? Tell me how can I ever accept this (char name)?

Choose option 1 or 2.

LD11: 'Why must we always be fighting? All I see is bloodshed and battle...and it drains me. Do you...do you not yearn for a life of peace and contemplation?'

Choose Option 1

LD12: 'I need you to tell me what the worth of life on the ground is. Is there anything to compare with the freedom of living in the clouds?'

Choose option 1

'No...they can't be. Everything of beauty can be seen from the sky. And there are so many places that you cannot go if you can only walk.'

Choose option 2

LD13: 'I've...I've had enough of this life! (sob!) P-perhaps it would be better if I just went back to the circus.

Choose option 3. Yes it looks harsh but if you choose any other then she'll leave the party.

'But I have, I have (char name)! I just don't have the strength. I'm so useless...'

Choose option 2

(sob!) I...I can't

Choose option 2.

LD14: 'I'm such a silly woman. Whining and crying...I must seem so ridiculous and petty. No man will ever want me I think...I feel so embarrassed.'

Choose option 3

'Oh, you're just flattering me (char name)! None of that is true really!

Choose option 2

'Oh...I see. Well thank you (char name). Ummm...do you...do you think I'm beautiful? I mean do you feel all these things about me?'

Choose option 2

LD15: 'I've...I've been thinking about some of the things you have been telling me. I...I wanted you to know that I've come to a decision'

Choose option 1

'And I...I hope that you will be here to teach me about it (char name). To show how one can still...still live on the ground and still be happy.'

Choose option 1

LD16: 'Aerie says that she has heard about your adventures in Sword Coast north of here. She asks you what you did and says that it sounds exciting.

Choose the option where you say that you went to Baldur's Gate to defeat your brother Sarevok.

A couple more dialogues, Aerie says that do you think she's strange? Tell her that you are pleased with her change and she will say that she is also pleased and will look forward to battles and says that the feeling is really exciting and she feels like she can fly again.

LD17: 'Have you been to many other places besides Amn?'

Choose option 1

'I...I want to go to these places (char name)! I want to voyage there and see their beauty for myself...and want to stand there and feel it...touch it with my hands.'

      Choose option 1

10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)~ NOTE 10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)~~

By now Aerie is basically your girlfriend. Those who know how to use the CLUAConsole or use Shadowkeeper will be able to see in the ROMANCEACTIVE part of the global variables the number there is now a 2 which means romance acquired. 10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)10:33, 15 апреля 2015 (MSK)

LD18: 'I've been wondering...have you got any advice for me for combat?'

             	     Choose option 1

LD19: 'I...I know that it is difficult to see what is to happen in the future...but do you have any plans? I mean once this is all over, I mean...'

Choose option 1

'Well do you see your self traveling? Or settling down? Do you...do you see yourself with me?'

'I would prefer to be with you Aerie...if the Gods are willing'

LD20: 'My love...? I...I know that you are tired from the day's travels and that you wish to rest. I...wish to ask you something...before you retire to your blankets...'

Choose option 1

'I...I will show you my body (char name)...and I hope it pleases you. Would you...would you stay with me this night (char name)? Will you show me what true love consists of?'

Choose option 2

'Stay with me for the night then (char name) and hold me to you. I...don't want to be alone, and I so desperately need to be near you.'

Choose option 1

LD19: 'I was so eager to experience everything new that I...I did not think. Thank you for respecting me. I...I love you and I want our first time to be something special.'

Choose option 1

From here on, if you continue on to Chapter six and meet Bodhi, you will get a special event concerning your love interest, in this case Aerie. You will have to save her from being a vampire and in order to do that you will have to read through some books on vampirism which can be found in Bodhi's lair at the bottom level in a trapped chest! Basically, the Aerie romance finishes right here! Yay!

Основано на прохождении Дэна Симпсона.