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    6.1     [SNDFMN]  Sendai  (AR 6100)



      Go up and talk to the "woodsman."  Ask him about the Bhaalspawn named
      Sendai, and he'll plead ignorance.  He did, however, see some "funny"
      looking elves in the southwest of this area and asks that you

      Enter the cabin.

      (AR 6111)

      Loot this place!  There are no traps, although some of the 5 containers
      in here are locked.  There are lots of minor treasures, and one more
      notable treasure: (x 520 y 340)

        Rune of Clangeddin (Upgradeable by Cespenar)


      (AR 6100)

      If you do wander over to the southwest part of this area, you will be
      attacked by Umber Hulks and Drow as well as a Hive Mother (Beholder).

        Hive Mother - 50,000 experience
        Drow (2) - 5000 experience
        Umber Hulk Elder - 18,000 experience

      Head up and to the right to find the Graves (x 2000 y 160).  Click on
      these, then head back to the Woodsman.  Ask him about the graves. (He'll
      also try to set up another ambush around the grave for you)  Keep
      pestering him and he'll turn into a Drow and attack you (with
      reinforcements, of course).

      When these Drow are dispatched, the hidden entrance to Sendai's lair
      appears.  This is worth 10,000 quest experience points.

      If you head up to the gravesite now, you will get ambushed by more Drow.

      Go up to Sendai's Entrance, just left of the graves (x 1500 y 100).


      This area is mostly just a long running battle against Myconids, Spore
      Colonies, Spiders and Umber Hulks.

      Once at the platform (x 2650 y 1000) you have 3 choices on where to go
      next, two passages to the left and one above you.  You'll need a key for
      the 2 left passages.  Enter the upper passage first (x 2920 y 730).

      (AR 6109)

      Time for a nice battle against more Drow... and a Drow Kensai no less!

        Thelynn'ss - 15,000 experience
                     Amulet of Cheetah Speed (Speed +2, Improved Haste 1/day)
                     Drow Guard's Key

      Go back. (and see what Sendai is up to... which is worth 5000 quest

      (AR 6101)

      We can now open both of the doors to the left.  Each of the doors will
      lead us where we need to go.  The upper left door leads you through a
      spider infested area, the other through a slave infested area.  Since
      there are no treasures worth mentioning in either one, I prefer to take
      the lower, slave passage.

      (AR 6102)

      As you enter here, you are attacked by Derro slaves (they look like
      dwarves).  Fight your way along the passage.  As you go along, more
      monsters will be summoned, possibly even behind you (annoying if you have
      a weak archer back there).  Just keep moving until you get to kill the
      Slavemaster.  As long as the Slavemaster is alive, more monsters will
      continually be summoned.

      Go to the end of the passage, and exit to the next area (x 2500 y 1550).

    - INNER PASSAGE (AR 6104)

      Head out to the center platform.  We're going to have to go left first.
      Fight your way through the Drow there, to get to the door beyond (x 950
      y 770).  Before entering, be sure you are ready for a battle with a Lich.

      (AR 6110)

      Beware of traps between you and the Lich.

      Yep, there's a battle with a Lich in here, all right.  You can summon
      things without him seeing you, if you don't move.  I just attacked him
      with a Planetar and that worked pretty well.  In another game, my main
      character was a cleric of high enough level that her turn undead blew
      the lich to pieces.

        Odamaron - 22,000 experience
                   Drow Wardstone
                   Heart of the Damned (Cespenar can upgrade)
                   Eye of Tyr (Cespenar can upgrade)

      There is a trapped container near the stairs (x 800 y 100):

        Skull of the Lich (Cespenar can upgrade)
        other treasures...

      The other 2 containers in here have minor treasures.  Exit. (again you
      get to see what Sendai is up to.  This is worth another 5000 quest exp)

      (AR 6104)

      Go back to the center, then up. (there may be some Drow on the center
      platform)  Fight through the Umber Hulks here to get to the doorway
      beyond (x 2525 y 600).  This door is opened by the Drow Wardstone that
      we got from the Lich.  Whenever you're ready for a fairly large, battle,
      enter the door.

      (AR 6105)

      Diaytha confronts you here, and opens the door to the right.  Her idea
      is that you go over there and get killed by the mighty Ogremoch, an
      Earth Elemental Prince.  Concentrate your attack on Ogremoch as he is
      quite mighty.  Nothing tricky here, just straight-out melee.

        Ogremoch  220 HP  -7 AC  2 THAC0  3 Attacks
                  56,000 experience

      Once that is taken care of, go over to the room on the left to fight
      Diaytha and her goon squad (vampire, beholder, etc).  I'd prioritize this
      one a little, take out Diaytha and the Beholder first, then the Vampire,
      then the rest.

        Diaytha - 14,000 experience
                  Darksteel Shield +4 (10% fire, cold, acid, poison res.)

      When you're done, go through the main doors.

      (AR 6106)

      As you come through, Captain Egeissag wants to kill you, but is afraid
      that Sendai will take credit for his actions.  To remedy this, he has
      a suggestion for you:  The two of you fight alone in the pit, winner
      take all, loser dies.  Sounds like fun. (The alternative is to simply
      fight everyone in here)  If you have a good Fighter type of character,
      this will be easily winnable.  If you are a mage, you may want to
      reconsider.  The Spectator Beholder casts a Geas such that whoever loses,
      all his allies die as well.

        Captain Egeissag - 20,000 experience
                           Bowstring of Gond (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                           other treasures...

      After the battle Spectator (the very same Spectator you met in the
      Sahuagin city) is very amused by how he got out of the service of the
      dopey drow.  You could ask to fight him as well, but he'd much rather
      not fight you.  And with that, he's gone.

      (a brief cutscene follows where Sendai sends out the last of her forces,
      the Mindflayer.  This is worth 5000 quest experience)

      Once you're ready, on to the next room.

      (AR 6107)

      Time for some Mind Flayer madness.  If you have anyone with the Psion's
      Blade, then you are going to have one easy time in here.  Just have them
      rush in and slaughter everything. (Psion's Blade was in the Marching
      Mountain so you SHOULD have it)  In fact, I gave the Psion's Blade to
      Sarevok and had him and him alone fight the battle.

      The small pool in here (x 600 y 600) has:

        Liquid Mercury (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
        other treasures...

      The two doors to the right have Vampiric Illithids in them (14,000 exp).

      Open the upper door.  Go through the passage, and the next door into the
      next room.  More Mind Flayers and an Umber Hulk.  Kill them.

      When you feel up to taking on Sendai, go up to the last door and go

    - SENDAI (AR 6108)

      Although you have quite mercilessly slaughtered her army, Sendai isn't
      about to let that faze her.  In fact, she used that time to prepare to
      fight you.  She creates 7 statues of herself (with either 122 or 130
      hit points) and vanishes.  They are of diverse Classes (1 Cleric, 2
      Fighter, 1 Thief, 1 Fighter/Thief, 1 Mage, 1 Mage/Cleric).  The statues
      can be defeated only one at a time.  Also, Drow will be coming in from
      the entrance.  I'd summon up some high level monsters to guard the
      entrance, then use your party to slaughter the statues.  Once the statues
      are defeated, Sendai reappears and should be killed on sight.

        Sendai  182 HP  8 AC  8 THAC0  1 Attack
                18,000 experience
                Wong Fei's Ioun Stone (+1 AC, +15 HP, Regeneration)
                Studded Leather Armor of Thorns +6 (1d4 damage to attacker)
                Wand of Cursing
                other treasures...

      Sendai is a very dangerous Cleric/Mage, you will need to keep removing
      any protections that she puts on herself.  I find Khelben's Warding Whip
      works well for this purpose.  Once she has no protections, she is weak
      as a kitten.  You get 40,000 quest experience for killing her.

      Once she's dead, you are drawn into another Solar Dream.  The Solar wants
      you to wonder about the present, what is your role in this prophecy?  She
      summons a clone of yourself, who is irritated to be here. (10,000 quest
      experience)  There is only one GOOD thing to say here, the rest are evil.
      Good: (this has to do with Good-Evil choices only)

        "I would prefer to find a way to avoid my destiny, if I could."

      The dream-you then proceeds to explain the prophecy to you (the one
      that says Faerun will be ravaged by the Bhaalspawn) saying that you are
      the one set out to prevent the destruction, not to cause it.  At this
      point there are 2 Good things to say (and the rest are Evil):

        Sorta Good: "If I exist to stop the prophecy instead of making it true,
                    then so be it."
        Really Good: "That is a relief...I had no desire to cause the
                     destruction the prophecy tells of."

      This part ends, and the Solar asks what you will do now.  More good

        Sorta Good:  "The quicker I get this 'destiny' over with, the quicker I
                     can start the rest of my life."
        Really Good:  "I will prevent the destruction of the land because it is
                      the right thing to do."

      You get 10,000 quest experience, and the Solar opens another path in your
      Pocket Plane for yet another challenge.  Go to your pocket plane...


      Once you've rested up, head down the next path (x 1700 y 2000).  Here you
      meet with your lost innocence.  He wants you to forget your recent
      troubles and become innocent once more.  Of course, there isn't even the
      possibility of doing such a thing.  Your innocence then becomes the
      Slayer and attacks you.  It is worth 25,000 exp to kill, plus you get
      another 25,000 quest experience for completing the challenge (the main
      character gets 30,000 quest experience).

      Return to the real world, then take the portal out of Sendai's Lair.