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 Thief   -->  Shadow Thieves Guild (at the Docks)
              Go over to the Shadow Thieves Guild at the Docks (they'll let
              you in since you know Gaelan).  Go to the back of the Guild, and
              up the stairs. (or you could just go in the side door) Talk to
              Renal Bloodscalp and finish up his quests.  At the end of which,
              Renal gives you control of Mae'Var's former guild as well as
              10,500 gold to get it up and running.  When he says he wants a
              profit out of you, he means it!  Everyone in your party also
              gets 45,500 experience.
              Go to your new Thieves Guild.  You now have a new guard outside,
              Brannel (whom you can chastise if you feel like it).  Go inside,
              and then open the top door to talk to Jariel.  Jariel explains
              the workings of your guild, that you direct your thieves
              activities (high risk or low risk), bail them out of jail, etc.
              At the beginning the thieves are at the Low Risk level, just
              covering the quota.  You are also offered the chance to change
              your 5 thieving groups level of risks (one option at a time).
              The more risk involved, the more money you can collect.  Once
              that is done, come back in 5 days.  Collect your money from
              Jariel, and possibly bail someone out of a jam.  Then wait for
              Joster to arrive and pay him your dues. (You will receive a
              message above your head saying that he has arrived.  When you
              get that he appears next to Jariel)
              Thieving Probabilities: (based on what you assign them in
                                       conversation with Jariel)
                                                           Gold Gained
                                 % success  % jailed   Hz:  Gh:  Kr:  Ma:  Va:
                Thread: (2,1,2):    90%        10%     200  200  250  100  150
                Thread: (2,1,1):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                Thread: (2,2,2):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                Thread: (1,1,2):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                Thread: (1,1,1):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                Thread: (1,2,2):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                Thread: (2,2,1):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                Thread: (1,2,1):    50%        50%     900  750 1000  750  800
                Cost to bail out:   ................   100  200   50  250  300
              Quotas:  1:   500 gold
                       2:   500 gold
                       3:  1000 gold
                       4:  1000 gold
                       5:   350 gold
                  Every time after is random:
                     50% -  500 gold
                     20% -  900
                     20% -  300
                     10% - 1000
              If you fail to pay your Quota, then you lose your Thieves Guild.
              To max out your returns, have all your first three thieves go
              for the highest risk (1,2,1).  If you want to see some more
              Money Charts to support this, check out the Appendix.
              Beyond that there are also events to deal with:
              Event 1 - Talk to Lathan (the other thief by Jariel) and he
                        mentions that he is your "eyes and ears".  He has
                        nothing to report, but soon another thief, named Ama,
                        appears.  She wants you to help take out a government
                        official.  Simply meet her any night after this in
                        Waukeen's Promenade.  If you saved Kamuzu from the
                        cells that Mae'Var kept, then he will warn you NOT to
                        trust her.  Gee, someone betraying you?  Haven't seen
                        THAT before!
                        Anyway, at night, wander over to Waukeen's Promenade.
                        She'll appear and ask that you put your weapons away,
                        supposedly to not scare someone.  Yeah, her.  Soon,
                        you will be attacked by 6 assassins.  They have some
                        minor treasures.
              Event 2 - Talk to Lathan again, and tell him to never let such
                        things happen again.  Then he has a bit of a problem,
                        a pickpocket is keeping profits from you.  The
                        pickpockets know who is stealing but won't tell you.
                        You have four options here:  Kill them all, kill one
                        of them (your choice), dock their pay or let their
                        supervisor, Kretor, fix it.  It takes 5 days to get
                        results. (The thief is Darronal Gwin II)
                        If you dock their pay, the thieves will "fix" this
                        problem on their own, by killing the thief.
                        If you choose to do nothing or kill all the thieves,
                        Kretor will quit and you lose one of your thieving
                        divisions.  This will make getting your quota that
                        much harder.
                        If you kill the wrong thief, then Kretor will quit.
                        If you choose to kill Darronal Gwin then the profit
                        skimming ends.
              And that is that for the Thieves Guild.