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7. > > > > Chapter 7: Suldanessellar (AR 2800)

   Elhan uses the Lanthorn to open a hole in the tree to the Elven City of
   Suldanessellar (everyone in the party gets another 74,500 experience).
   The elves then re-enter their city and bid you to follow them...
     In case you are wondering, you are in the Forest of Tethir to start with
     (see the above section 'Three New Areas' if you haven't been here
     already).  Enter the city.  The elves move out to look for survivors, and
     Elhan tells you to be careful and look for Ellesime.
     We are currently in the bottom right portion of the map.  Go north to
     find the first building (x 4640 y 2500).  Enter.  Kill the three Golems
     in here to save the two elves.  They reveal that you will find Priestess
     Demin in a house in the Southwestern part of the city, then leave.
     Search the large bookcase on the right (x 680 y 270) to find the:
       Stone Horn (needed)
     The container just north of that bookcase holds a:
       Cloak of Elvenkind (Hide in Shadows +50%)
     The rest of the containers hold merely minor treasures.  Exit the
     Head up the northwestern path (x 4515 y 2450).  Beware Golems that may
     lurk around here.  There was a group of Rakshasa's (x 4060 y 1950) just
     outside the next building.  Be ready for a large battle, and enter the
     building.  If you cast Protection from Evil 10' on your party, then the
     Glabrezu will not attack you.  Once inside take out the mage first and
     the rest will be easy.  There is nothing else to be done here for the
     moment, but remember this place (Temple of Rillifane), we will be back.
       Note:  If you have the artifacts of Rillifane before coming here the
              first time, and quickly placed them in the Altar, you could let
              the Avatar of Rillifane fight this battle for you. (Rolander)
     Head down the southwest path to the unmarked building (x 3160 y 2730).
     There will probably be more Golems here to fight.  Go up the stairs on
     the building to rescue some elves.  Tell them to get to the gates.  South
     of this building is a platform where some elves and trolls are fighting.
     Once the trolls are defeated the elves "move out" to help out other
     sections of the city.
     Go down the next southwest passage to the next building (x 2080 y 3240).
     Enter the TOP room first, and search it until you find the Wardstone.
     Then leave that room and enter the lower room.  You can find the Meteor
     Swarm spell on the fireplace mantle.  To the right you will see three
     dead elves around an odd piece of furniture.  The answers to this thing's
     questions can be found on the wardstone.  Go up and use the thing:
       First:  Press the Rune of Corellan Lotharian
       2nd:    Press the Symbol of Rillifane
       3rd:    Press the elven Symbol of Water
       4th:    Press the Rune that denotes the Tree of Life
     Do that correctly to get the Symbol of Rillifane.  Leave this room.
     Go west (where you will see Elves battling skeletal warriors), then
     northwest to get to Demin's House (x 780 y 2140), which is guarded by a
     Drow and a Demon.  Go up the stairs and enter the building.  Inside you
     will find Demin fighting three Rakshasa's:
       Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (20 STR)
     On the shelf behind her you will find:
       Spell - Absolute Immunity
     Afterwards talk to Demin to learn all about Irenicus' past and why he has
     invaded the elven city.  She also has an idea to help clear the city of
     its current pest problem, to restore the Guardians of the forest.  What
     you need is to find the three artifacts of Rillifane:  The Cup, the
     Symbol and the Moonblade.  We already got the Symbol, all we need is the
     Cup, which is on the Dragon to the northwest and the Moonblade, which is
     in the Temple of the Moon to the east.
     Leave her house.
     Go up the northern path to the Harpist's House (x 1060 y 625).  Outside
     the house a group of elves are fighting some golems.  If you manage to
     save the elves they give you 13,000 experience.  Enter the building.
     Search the desk in the top left to find:
       Stone Harp (companion to the Stone Horn)
     Leave the building.
     Go up to the northwest passage (x 500 y 725).  This path leads to a new
     area with the Black Dragon that we must defeat to get the Golden Cup of
     Rillifane.  Take the passage.  Once at the new area, cast whatever
     protective spells you wish (I used Haste, Protection from Evil and
     Mazzy's Protection from Fear), then go southwest and fight the dragon.
     You can try to reason with him, but he won't fall for it, and a battle is
     inevitable.  Just keep his spell defenses down and attack.  By this point
     in the game you should be mighty enough to easily whack this pest.
       Nizidramanii'yt - 52,000 experience
                         Golden Goblet of Life (fancier name)
                         Bladesinger Chain +4 (elven chainmail, AC 1)
                         Minor Treasures
     Once the Dragon is dead, head back the way you came.
       Alternatively:  You can give the Dragon everything you have (gold and
                       items) for the Goblet.  Naturally, you'll want to drop
                       all your items before doing this.
     Go southeast, past the Harpist's House, southeast down the next passage
     to get to the House of the Moon (x 1830 y 1450) and site of the final
     artifact of Rillifane.  Enter.
     Within the house you get to watch as an elf kills a Balor, but is
     destroyed himself in the process.  Search the elf's remains to find the
     Moonblade.  Then search the rest of the room to find:
       Boots of Elvenkind
       Spells - Gate
     Return to the Temple of Rillifane and place the three sacred objects
     (Cup, Moonblade and Amulet) in the Altar in the center.  This will
     create the Avatar of Rillifane who is irritated that his temple has been
     defiled by Irenicus. (everyone gets 65,000 experience)  After talking
     with you he summons forth the Guardians of the Forest, who clear out the
     city and unseal the Palace for you to enter.  You also get:
       Staff of the Woodlands +4 (+3 AC, best weapon for Druids)
     Leave the temple.  Just outside the temple will be a new elf, Reirra, who
     offers to sell you things.  When you are ready head up to the Palace
     (x 3450 y 600).  Near the House of the Moon you will find some elves in
     conflict with some monsters.  Help out (although the elves seem to get
     Go up to the tree and keep using it until you get all the nuts (the
     screen will fade to black).  There is now only one door to go through,
     so go through it.  This leads to a pleasant garden with a waterfall in
     the center.  To the left are two statues, use the statues to put the
     Stone Horn and Stone Harp on them. (3000 exp each)  This removes the
     waterfall and replaces it with a staircase.  Go down the stairs. (after
     first talking to your party members about the upcoming battle)
     When you first enter this area, Ellesime talks to you.  She tells you
     that you need to slay 3 parasites on the tree in order to weaken Irenicus
     to the point where he can be defeated.
     From where you start, go all the way left (x 1970 y 450) and one of your
     Seeds will grow into a new branch that continues left.  Go left to find
     the first parasite (x 1430 y 140).  Click on it to try to kill it,
     however it has a defender that leaps out to attack you. (for me it was
     2 Earth Elementals)  Once they are dead, click on the parasite to kill
     it.  One down, two to go.
     Go a little left and down from the first parasite and a new branch will
     grow in.  Cross it and go down. (x 877 y 1070)  Follow this path down to
     find the second parasite (x 1180 y 1480).  Click on it until its
     guardians attack you (air elementals).  Once they are dead, kill the
     second Parasite and Ellesime will contact you again.  She is very excited
     now and thinks there is a good chance that you could kill Irenicus. (or
     as she calls him, Joneleth)  One more Parasite to go.
     Go down.  You will pass right by Irenicus (x 1800 y 2035), go past him
     on the path that leads eastwards. (x 2340 y 2400)  Another branch will
     grow in, cross it.  Keep going right until you find the final parasite
     (x 2875 2025).  Do the same thing to kill it.  When the last parasite
     dies you are automatically teleported over to Irenicus.
     There are many ways to fight Irenicus.  Some might suggest summoning a
     Nishruu or Hakeashar to deal with him.  Others would recommend using
     Protection from Magic scrolls.  An easy strategy that often works is to
     let him cast some spells, then just wander off for awhile.  Most mages
     don't follow you, and it can easily allow you to do what you will
     (protective magics, healing, etc.).  But perhaps the easiest strategy
     for dealing with Irenicus comes from Xar:  Since you can reach Irenicus
     before killing the parasites, fill his areas with the nastiest traps you 
     have (either you need to be a thief or have Jan along – Imoen/Nalia’s 
     trap skill is too poor).  The traps won’t activate until you get the 
     arch-villain speech.  Seven traps (with some special snare or advanced)
     will kill him before he can raise a single barrier.  Next.
     When Irenicus is dead, everyone is sucked into hell with him. If anyone
     died, don't worry about their possessions, they will appear in hell
     with you.