Item Upgrade

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Weimer's Item Upgrade

Сокращённое название: Item Upgrade

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Item Upgrade

Автор: Westley Weimer

E-mail автора:

Сайт мода:

Где скачать:

Примерный объём файла: 833 Кб

Последняя версия: v37

Для игры: BG2:SOA, BG2:TOB

Русификация: Включена

The Item Upgrade mod allows Cromwell and Cespenar to upgrade additional items in BGII. One third of them are convenience functions (e.g., they save you ring or boot space), one third of them try to beef up categories of weapons that are "weak by comparison" (e.g., clubs and spears), and one third of them upgrade NPC-specific items.