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  3.        [SRDSHH]  Saradush  (AR 5000)



      You appear in the middle of a ... disagreement.  The authorities believe
      you to be hostile and attack on sight.  Better clear them out quickly.
      After they're all dead, Melissan talks to you.  She sums up the situation
      for you: the city is under siege by Yaga Shura (Bhaalspawn) preventing
      anyone from leaving, and the city is under control of Gromnir
      (Bhaalspawn) who is quite Mad and probably will get everyone killed.
      After that you can ask her some questions.  Ask everything you can.

        Note:  As this is a city under siege, don't stay in any place too
               long... fire tends to rain from the sky.

               There are various Minor Bhaalspawn in town.  Unless I
               specifically mention them, they aren't important.

               Also, there are various random treasures to be found in the
               containers of the city.

               The Harlot in the main city has nothing at all to do with the
               Vampire Courtesan plot you'll find later.  In fact, she simply
               wants to wish you well in getting to Gromnir.  There are some
               interesting Romance notes here as well, if you do agree to go
               with the Harlot it ends a romance with Aerie, however, Viconia
               is simply amused and convinced that this will make you realize
               just how much better she is.  After killing Gromnir, talk to
               the Harlot again to get everyone 1000 experience points.

    - THE TAVERN (AR 5003)

      Enter the Tavern (x 1050 y 1550).  The first thing you'll notice are some
      soldiers pestering a waitress.  Confront them about it.  You can either
      bribe them off (500 gold) or fight them.  Once they're dispatched (1400
      exp, various +2,3 weapons and armors) talk to the waitress to learn that
      Gromnir has a secret entrance in the sewers.  Naturally.

        Note:  You'll also find Viekang in here... he's the guy who "blew up"
               in a tavern back in Trademeet.  If you talk to him you'll learn
               that he simply teleports away whenever he felt threatened.  He
               has a quest too, see below.

               Also you can find Volo in the back room.

      Talk next to Pyrgam Aleson.  Ask him for a secret way into the castle,
      and he'll tell you... for a fee (1000 gold).  Of course, if you have 14
      Charisma or more you can negotiate this down to nothing.  He tells you
      that there is a way through the old abandoned jail (which has become
      overrun with undead).  He refers you to the Temple of Waukeen for more

      There are 3 containers in this tavern: (x 420 y 530), (x 750 y 220),
      (x 420 y 900)

        2 Potions of Extra Healing
        2 Potions of Superior Healing
        Oil of Speed
        Random Treasures...

    - KEYS

      Go over to the temple of Waukeen (x 1280 y 1900) and talk to Farielle.
      (she won't help you willingly if you're evil)  Ask her about the key to
      the castle that Pygram mentioned and she'll tell you.  She gives you the
      key to the jail, and warns you about the undead there.  Everyone gets
      1000 exp.

      The pool behind her (x 370 y 350) has a:

        Water Opal

      Also the 2 bookcases to the side have some random treasures.  You may
      want to buy some Elven Holy Water if you don't have any... *hint*

      We now have the key to the Prison, let's get the key to the Sewers.  Exit
      Waukeen's, then head left to the Barracks (x 630 y 1800).

      Once in there, you'll be accosted.  Be as hostile as you wanna be, there
      is no way out of this fight.  Slaughter the troops.  Search the room for
      treasure (practically all of it is Random) and the Key to the Sewers
      (x 375 y 290).

      You now have 2 different keys, each leading to roughly the same place in
      the end, Gromnir.  They merely differ in their methods.  After finishing
      whichever of the Quests from below, enter either the Sewers (any of the
      entrances on the ground) or the Prison (x 1350 y 2250).


    QUEST:  Mateo's Imminent Execution

            Militia HQ - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1740 y 810)
            Countess's Manor - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1370 y 1370)
            Kiser's Home - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2080 y 1820)
            Errard - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2370 y 700)

            Enter the Militia HQ (x 1740 y 810) and watch the, um, trial take
            place.  A man named Mateo is taken away based on, well not much
            evidence.  Looks suspicious.  Talk to the captain and get him to
            agree to let you talk to Mateo and investigate this further.  You
            can also ask him more questions, but he doesn't know much.

            The bookcase against the wall has some:

              2 Potions of Superior Healing

            Go up and into the prison.  Get the jailer to open the door, then
            go up and talk to Mateo, who is in the closest cell.  Ask him
            whether Kiser is involved and he thinks this somewhat likely.  He
            says that if Kiser is involved then the Countess is in trouble.
            You'll need to talk with her next.

            Also, search the back wall of the other cell for:

              5 Superior Healing Potions

            Exit the building.

            You'll find the Countess's building just down the large stairs, to
            the left (by the Harlot).  Enter.  Talk to the Countess and mention
            that you have spoken to Mateo.  She quite quickly tells you that it
            was Kiser behind everything.  Kiser, you see, has kidnapped her son
            and the only way to get him returned was to turn on Mateo like
            that.  She also says that Kiser will never give up her son.  She
            wants you to visit with Kiser to somehow get her son back.  Sounds

              Note:  Her treasure chests raise an alarm if you touch them.

            Head out, and down to Kiser's place.  Inside bug him about what you
            know.  Ask him about Mateo.  Now if you have a 15 CHA, or have
            talked to the Countess, or are evil, or are neutral with a bad
            reputation you can get him to divulge more information.  He says
            that he does indeed have the Countess's son, but he won't give him
            up unless you kill Errard, whom he says is the real evil force

              Note:  You can pickpocket Kiser for a Shakti figurine. (Ken

            Kiser also has quite a bit of treasure in his house, many of which
            is horribly trapped (and all of it Randomized too).  I don't think
            that you can de-trap these either.

              EVIL Note:  Following the evil path, he asks you to kill either
                          the countess or Errard.  If you do kill the countess,
                          he gives you 10,000 gold.  If you kill Errard you
                          get 2,000 gold.  Either way gets you 5000 exp for
                          every party member.

                          Errard:  20,000 experience
                                   Cleric's Staff +3
                                   Robe of Good Archmagi

              Avoiding Errard Note:  In Kiser's basement, there's three hidden
                          switches that can be found by using 'detect traps'
                          (two in the main room and one in the small bedroom
                          behind a door).  When you press all three, it opens
                          the secret door that leads to Ardic, and Kiser
                          appears and attacks you like he normally would after
                          you talk to Errard. (Dave Loveland)

            Interesting.  Head out.  You'll find Errard at the top of the city
            standing on the wall.  Talk to him.  If we're following the Good
            path, tell him that Kiser sent you to kill him.  He is a little
            shocked, so fill him in on the details.  Errard will then track
            down the Countess's son for you, and tell you that he is within
            the home of Kiser himself.

            Return to Kiser's, and drop down to the basement.  Kiser threatens
            to kill both you and his hostage for revealing his intentions.
            Bah.  Kill him.

              Fighter (2) - 6500 experience (various magical treasures)
              Kiser       - 6500 experience
                            Shakti Figurine
                            Secret Jail Key
                            other treasures
              Fighter     - 8000 experience
              Thief       - 10,000 experience
              Mage        - 10,000 experience

            Find and talk to Ardic for 7000 quest experience points.  Besides
            3 containers of potions and/or random treasures, search the
            cabinet at (x 650 y 350):

              Starfall Ore (a component of a more powerful item)
              King's Tears

            Return to the Countess for your reward:  2000 gold, 5000 exp for

    QUEST:  Tazit's Dead Father

            Tazit - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2425 y 1550)

            Just to the right and down from where you started, a man will get
            whacked by some fire from the sky.  Talk to his son, Tazit, who is
            quite distraught over this.  Offer to have a cleric help (or if you
            are a Cleric, to do it yourself).  Have your cleric talk to the
            boy, and offer to try the spell.  When he is raised everyone gets
            1000 experience and a Reputation +1.

            Alternatively, if you have the Rod of Resurrection you can use

    QUEST:  Save the Elves

            Elves - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1240 y 1180)

            Just above the tavern, some elves are having trouble with the local
            authorities (seems familiar).  Threaten the guard by telling him
            that you are a Bhaalspawn, then talk to the elves.  They believe
            that as soon as possible, the guards will make their move again.
            If only someone would offer them refuge.

            Head down to the Temple of Waukeen and talk to Farielle.  She'll
            help the elves out.  Return to the elves and tell them the good
            news.  You also get a reward:  Reputation +1, 3000 exp for all
            party members.

    QUEST:  Stop the Dwarves

            Dwarves - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1010 y 2180)

            Just below the Temple of Waukeen some dwarves are getting angry at
            the local authorities.  Talk them out of violence for:  1000 exp
            each.  You could side with the dwarves in a violent struggle, but
            you won't get much to make it worth your time.

    QUEST:  Help Viekang

            Tavern - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1050 y 1550)

            When you first talk to Viekang, the Bhaalspawn who "exploded" back
            in Trademeet, you learn that when he feels fear, he is
            uncontrollably teleported away.  So, you think he could just get
            out of a city under siege.  Problem is that Melissan cured him of
            his fear.  So, if you have an INT of 18 or more, talk to him again
            and suggest that maybe a Horror spell could make him feel fear
            again.  He thinks it could work.

              Note:  The main character needs the INT of 18.  So, if you don't
                     actually have the Smarts for this one, there are always
                     potions for that.

                     Your main character dosen't have to have 18 intelligence
                     to make Viekang jump. Just simply have someone cast
                     Horror on him and Viekang will jump! [from Brock Meyer]

            Next, have someone cast Horror on him, and he'll be cured.  For
            this everyone gains 2000 experience points.

    QUEST:  Lazarus's Missing Spellbook

            Arcana Archives - Saradush (AR 5000, x 710 y 1280)
            Hectan          - Saradush Tavern (AR 5003, x 1070 y 530)
            Squip           - Saradush (AR 5000, x 990 y 1140)

            In the Arcana Archives, you'll discover its caretaker, Lazarus has
            had his spellbook stolen.  Therefore he can't really sell you
            anything.  Agree to help him with his problem.  He suspects that
            Hectan is involved, but can't prove it.  Ask for any other clues
            to learn of a set of VERY small muddy footprints.  Hectan is not a
            small man.

            You'll find Hectan in the Tavern, in the back.  Talk to him and he
            denies any involvement.  In fact, he has numerous witnesses that
            place him in the tavern.

              EVIL Note:  If you have a low reputation (say, 8 or lower) just
                          threaten him and he'll cop to the whole story.

            Go outside, go up and talk to Squip.  Ask him about the spellbook,
            and he'll want 1000 gold to tell you anything.  You could be nice
            and give that to him (heh), but he'll settle for nothing.  He tells
            you that he did steal the book, and then immediately gave it to

            Back to the tavern.  This time Hectan admits to it, but says he
            only took it because he believes that Lazarus has a teleportation
            spell.  He wants you to get this from Lazarus.  Very well...  Go
            to Lazarus and get the scroll.  However, the scroll is useless as
            Yaga has powerful magics preventing anyone from teleporting out.
            Take the scroll to Hectan and he'll exchange that for the

              Note:  If you tell him to TRY using the scroll right there you
                     lose 1 Reputation.

            Return with the spellbook and give it to Lazarus.  This not only
            reopens his shop, but also gets everyone in your party 5000 exp.

    QUEST:  Peltje's Vampires

            Peltje - Saradush Tavern (AR 5003, x 980 y 815)

            Inside the tavern you'll find a fellow named Peltje who believes
            that he is not insane.  Seems that he believes that all the
            "courtesans" have become vampires and have a secret lair where they
            drain the blood of innocent mortals like him.

            At night, enter the tavern, and go to the top left corner (where
            the elves and dwarves sit arguing) to find the Dark Courtesans.
            Conveniently, there is one of each gender.  Instead of doing the
            usual services, they take you to the vampire nest and attempt to
            kill you.

    OTHER:  Kill Fire Giants [from CY Lee]

            During the siege of Saradush. Go to northern end of the battlement
            where Errard is (the mage in Mateo's quest). You will notice that
            the militia is shooting arrows at some unseen Fire Giant. The Fire
            Giant is located behind the tower and is NOT selectable as a
            target. However, equip your men with missile weapons and set to
            aggressive scripts and they will start shooting at the Fire Giant
            (XP : 8000, instant re-spawning) and the best part is that the Fire
            Giant would not attack your party members and there's no random
            flamingballs from the sky (probably to avoid killing Errard). Leave
            them there for unlimited xp.

            Average : 8000 xp ( per kill ) every 20 sec.  i.e. ~ 1.5 million

             - Unlimited ammo missile weapons (eg. Firetooth, Azure Edge,
               Gesen Bow, Sling of Everard, etc.) would be useful.
             - Be sure to check on your men occasionally as they get fatigued
               (after a couple days of shooting at some giant) and also to
               level up (to avoid wasting excess xp)