Дарлинг, Дженнифер

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В БГ1 ею были озвучены Джахейра и Шар-Тил

Дженнифер Дарлинг (родилась 19 июня 1946 года в Оклахома Сити, штат Оклахома) - американская актриса и актриса озвучки. Наиболее запомнилась любителям мультсериалов как голос симпатичной Ирмы из "Черепашек Ниндзя". Сыграла Эми Гордон в популярном сериале "Сабрина - маленькая ведьма".


Ms. Darling was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started dancing at the age of the three at the Gene Kelly Dance Studio. By the age of six she was performing in shows at the dance studio. At the age of 14 she appeared twice on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, after having started singing at the age of 13. As a teenager, Darling attended the Pittsburgh Playhouse School of Acting, then went on to Carnegie Mellon University where she graduated from the drama department. Upon graduation, she was a member of the original company of the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.). She worked for several years with the Pittsburgh Playhouse, before moving on to the Washington Arena Stage in Washington D.C. From there, to the Longwharf Repertory Company in Connecticut, before starring in Macbird at the Village Gate in New York City.

Darling made her first Broadway appearance in How Now Dow Jones, then going on to Maggie Flynn, followed by the drama Fire. During her time on Broadway, she appeared on the David Frost Show, as well as branching out to comic improvisations touring the East Coast summer tents. Upon returning to New York, Darling performed in Shakespeare in Central Park for Joseph Papp, while also appearing in the soap opera Secret Storm - playing the first hooker on daytime television. The character was such a hit among the show's viewers that Troy Donahue was brought in to play her boyfriend. In 1973, she moved to Hollywood, and after only six weeks landed her first starring role on the television series The New Temperatures Rising. After joining the cast of The Six Million Dollar Man, which spawned into The Bionic Woman, Darling then went on to star in Eight Is Enough, making her the only actress to star in three top ten television series at the same time. During this time, she also appeared at the Improvisation, performing Harry Chapin's music. She also performed with Harry Chapin on the Merv Griffin Show, as well as making some concert appearances. During the 1990s, Darling guest-starred on some of the highest rated television series, including L.A. Law, Bodies Of Evidence, and Cheers. She received an Emmy nomination as Best Supporting Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on the Hooperman. Most recently Darling has been seen in recurring roles on Dharma and Greg and Mad About You. 2001 found Ms. Darling juggling many acts. Currently in rehearsals for an original musical, You Haven't Changed A Bit, And Other Lies, which will open mid-June for an unlimited run in Los Angeles, she is also awaiting the release of her third independent film, Momma Tried. This, all addition to her being one of the busiest voice-over actresses in Hollywood. Today, she is one of the busiest actresses in the world of animation, lending her voice to characters in more than twenty of the most popular animation series, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tenchi Mujo, and Astro Boy. Ms. Darling can also be heard via the Internet - in one of the first few successful animation cartoon series - Julius And Friends. Her voice is also recognizable in full length animation features such as Tarzan, Aladdin, Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and many more. In 2005, Ms. Darling finished the independent films Winding Roads, The Killer Next Door and On The Edge. She resides in Los Angeles.

Фильмография (озвучка и кино):

Космический спецназ Гарфилда (видео) (2009)

Фестиваль Гарфилда (видео) (2008)

Рыбка Поньо на утесе (2008)

Настоящий Гарфилд (видео) (2007)

Новые приключения Золушки (2006)

Тачки (2006)

Ледниковый период 2: Глобальное потепление (2006)

Астробой (сериал) (2003-2004)

Братец медвежонок (2003)

Каена: Пророчество (2003)

Убийца по соседству (2002)

Планета сокровищ (2002)

Хищные пташки (сериал) (2002-2003)

Лило и Стич (2002)

Корпорация монстров (2001)

Извилистая дорога (ТВ) (1999)

Тэнти - лишний!: Тэнти в Токио (сериал) (1997)

Аннабель (видео) (1997)

Геркулес (1997)

Причуды науки (сериал) (1997)

Горбун из Нотр Дама (1996)

Аладдин (сериал) (1994-1995)

Порко Россо (1992)

Черный Плащ (сериал) (1991-1995)

Русалочка (1989), Top250: 159

Черепашки мутанты ниндзя (сериал) (1987-1996)

Невероятные приключения Джонни Квеста(сериал) (1986)

Мой маленький пони и друзья (сериал) (1986-1987)

Полицейская академия 2: Их первое задание (1985)

Война Гоботов (сериал) (1984-1985)

Подземелье Драконов (сериал) (1983-1985)

Лодка любви (сериал) (1977-1986)

Бионическая женщина (сериал) (1976-1978)

Песочница (1972)

Сабрина - маленькая ведьма (1971-1974)