Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters

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Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters[править]

Сокращённое название: BGQE

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Автор: Jastey

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Последняя версия: v10

Для игры: BG1, BG1:TOTSC, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE

Русификация: Включена

Этот мод добавляет в игру 9 новых квестов, среди которых:

  • Slime Quest (Квест со слизью)

Этот квест находится в Берегосте. Если вы пройдете возле одного из домов на северо-западе, то встретите женщину, одетую в красное. Странные вещи происходят в доме её соседа, и ей нужна ваша помощь.

Данный релиз включает исправление проблем с совместимостью и добавляет "злое" решение квеста.

  • Family Treasure Quest (Квест "Семейная драгоценность")

This quest is also located in Beregost. If you go into another house in the northwest, you will meet a strange couple. They obviously have a serious problem, but haven't talked to each other for some time now. Although it seems that they aren't interested in talking to you either, it might just be that you can solve the riddle and ease their worries... or betray them and ruin the family completely.

  • Babysitting in Nashkel, including Carnival Encounter (Присмотр за детьми в Нашкеле +

Квест начинается в Нашкеле. Встречали ли вы отчаявшуюся мать с двумя маленькими детьми? Ей необходимо отлучиться по важному делу, поэтому требуется надежный человек, который бы присмотрел за детьми в ее отсуствие. Итак, бесстрашный сокрушитель монстров, готов ли ты к испытанию?

Квест может взять только персонаж с репутацией выше 12 или паладин.

  • Monster in Nashkel (Монстр в Нашкеле)

Near the Manor House in Nashkel you can save little Arnim from a monster that's chasing him. He is staying with his parents in the Nashkel Inn. For such a heroic deed, the thankfulness of his parents should be all yours... shouldn't it?

  • Fallen Paladin in Baldur's Gate (Падший паладин во Вратах Балдура)

In the northern part of the city, in the temple of Helm, an evil fallen paladin is hiding. He slaughtered a little girl without hesitation... at least that's what the angry people in front of the temple are saying.

  • Undying Love in the Fishing Village (Неумирающая любовь в Деревне Рыбаков)

The frightened woman in the left house tells you she is threatened by a monster hiding behind her house. Maybe you should go and take a look?

  • Lovesick Half-Orc (Влюбленный полуорк)

On the road north of Nashkel, you meet Uguth. He is on his way to Baldur's Gate, to his beloved. Due to his appearance, being clearly descended from orcs, he has to overcome a special hindrance before he can take her into his arms.

  • Unexpected Help (Неожиданная помощь)

In the Candlekeep infirmary, glum Sir Trun seeks healing from his wounds. He was injured badly in a fight, but that doesn't seem to be his actual problem, as Linda, his fiancee who is staying in Candlekeep Inn, can tell you...

This quest is accessible both during the Prologue or after the return to Candlekeep.

  • Extension of Bjornin Encounter (Расширение квеста Бьорнина)

Bjornin, the hurt paladin in Beregost, impressed my PC deeply when meeting him the first time. So she wanted to be able to talk to him some more.

This component enables PCs (male and female) of reputations greater than 9 to have a more extensive conversation with Bjornin. This might be seen as a romantic encounter for female PCs, but don't expect too much from an injured paladin.