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Item Revisions[править]

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Автор: Demivrgvs, Mike1072

E-mail автора: Неизвестен

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Примерный объём файла: 13.05 Мб

Последняя версия: v2

Для игры: BG2:SOA, BG2:TOB

Русификация: Ведётся работа

Item Revisions aims to fix/tweak/enhance all items in Baldur's Gate II. Weaker items have been improved, overpowered ones have been (or will be) nerfed, many descriptions have been extended or replaced with more appropriate ones, and so on. In addition, there are a number of rule changes available that can be chosen individually as the user wishes.

Before installing IR, be sure to apply the latest hotfixes. They can be found here, and should fix most problems reported in the current version of the mod.