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The Tactics Mod[править]

Сокращённое название: Tactics

Без логотипа


Автор: Westley Weimer

E-mail автора: weimer@cs.berkeley.edu

Сайт мода: http://weidu.org/tactics.html

Где скачать: http://weidu.org/Weimer-TacticsMod-v25.exe

Примерный объём файла: 1.16 Мб

Последняя версия: v25

Для игры: BG2:SOA, BG2:TOB

Русификация: Включена

The Tactics Mod Pack adds quite a few optional components to BGII. They all aim to make the game more challenging and rewarding by increasing the difficult (and thus the thought required) of encounters.

Many of these components have been drawn from different mod authors; I did not write everything here. In particular, Gebhard Blucher, Kensai Ryu, Xyx and Ishan have made contributions.