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Роман в игре — это возможность возникновения близких отношений с NPC противоположенного пола. Как конкретно будут развиваться эти отношения — зависит от ваших ответов в периодически возникающих диалогах и от выполняемых квестов, связанных с этим персонажем. Роман может начаться с несколькими персонажами одновременно, но через некоторое время вам придется выбрать кого-то одного.

2.1	Introduction to the FAQ

I have always wanted to do this FAQ ever since I saw that there wasn't 
any romance FAQs on Gamefaqs.  Unfortunately I couldn't actually start 
it cause back then I hadn't even started playing a single romance yet, 
let alone hearing that you could have it.  Romances in BG2 are not vital 
to the storyplot, hell, you could beat the game without doing any love 
quests.  However the great thing about love quests is that you gain an 
insight of those characters whom you would like to have a relationship 
with.  You know more about their character and instead of being just 
flat one sided characters, the begin to take shape and grow as you 
progress through the love quest.  Unfortunately, love quests takes a 
very long time to complete and chances are is that you will beat the 
game before you have even finished your love quest.  Another important 
thing about love quests is that they do not give you extra experience.  
Only NPC plots do that.  Therefore it can be argued that love plots are 
pratically useless.  However, I enjoy seeing my characters develop and 
understanding more about those characters, which is why I always try to 
complete a love quest.  At the moment, this FAQ will only contain hints 
and help to give you some insight on what options to choose during your 
romance dialogues.  Later on I will provide a more indepth explanation 
such as giving you the best answer for each love dialogue in the Step by 
Step section part of this FAQ.  I have also included a difficulty rating 
to rate each character's difficulty in the love plot so that you know 
which one you want to do if it is hard or easy.  The profiles section 
are just some basic information about the character and some personal 
insights in their group usefulness and things like that.  Please note 
that it is just my own personal experience and in your game it most 
likely is wrong, so spare me the indignity of writing to me with a long 
email of pure abuse.  I will cry and beat my heart out!

One more VERY IMPORTANT thing to note is that this FAQ doesn't cover 
everything about finishing the romance off.  Instead it tells you the 
necessary dialogues that you need to have gone through in order to see 
the special event that happens before you enter Bodhi's Lair in Chapter 

3.0.  How to instigate love quests?

'Well, how do I start the love quests then?' I hear you ask.  It is 
quite simple really.  You must be either a human, elf, or half elf in 
order for the romances to occur.  The next step is to acquire the 
appropriate person in your party in order to get the ball rolling, so to 
speak.  If you are playing a character of another race other than those 
previously mentioned then you will not be able to have a romance with 
the characters unless you download a patch which allows you to do so.  
Each love quest is unique in its own way and have different background 
music whenever the NPC's love dialogue appears.  The only bad thing 
about these romances is that the duration between each dialogue usually 
takes a long time to occur, usually between 5-6 days or even a week.  
You may be able to download a romance patch on the internet somewhere 
that speeds up the process but I can't find it myself and it would help 
if I could use it cause, man, writing this FAQ does take time especially 
the step by step walkthrough part.  ('Ay, step by step me own arse, take 
yer axe and hack it up ay' as Korgan would say).  Anyways, let's move on 
to the main part of the FAQ, and to the characters that you will 
gradually know better or more intimately as the game goes on.


Try using the cheat codes to speed up the romance really fast. These 


You might need shadow keeper for Jaheria's romance. Like when Jaheria 
stops talking after even you sleep or complete the special events, fix 
the lovetalk value under the effects value to 59. When Elminster doesn't 
show up, type:


That will make elminster appear and conclude the romance.

Contributed by iweird from Gamefaqs message board.

Источник: Romance FAQ by SlashR4 Ver 2.0 (этот источник относится ко всем статьям данной категории)

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